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Manufacturing Private Label Vitamins and Supplements for over 35 years

Minsano offers custom private label vitamins and supplements tailored with your brand. As a vitamin supplier, wholesaler, and manufacturer, we offer low minimums to Private Label our in-stock vitamins. We can also produce your custom vitamin formulas and supplements at industry low minimums.

Our products are perfect for wholesale, retail and MLM Companies. Private Labeling our stock products or your custom formulas can add a significant new revenue stream to your clinic or practice, but the benefits don't stop there. Offering your own line of quality nutritional supplements helps to build client loyalty by encouraging consistent, frequent contact with you and your organization.

We can help you with custom formulas that are enteric coated, time released, capsules (gelatin or vegetarian), soft gels, lozenges, tablets, chewable tablets, sublingual tablets, effervescents, liquids and powders to meet your exact specifications.

We can ship your custom formula in bulk or pre-packaged in your specially designed and labeled bottles. Our experienced graphics department can help you design a label that is uniquely yours.

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Minsano has been a leader in nutritional research, product development and innovation for years. Our dedication to excellent quality is a reflection of our values. We are a family-owned and managed company and are always willing to assist you in any way possible on matters relating to nutrition.

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Our Product

Raw materials used in Minsano products are as natural as possible and are guaranteed to contain no artificial flavorings, preservatives, colors, sweeteners or other foreign agents unless otherwise stated on our labels. Each lot of tablets or capsules is carefully assayed to be sure they meet our product specifications.

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Our Promise

We're one of the few companies to offer you truth in labeling. We know you're honest with your patients,so we'll be honest with you. Pledging total truth in labeling means our family of products contain only the purest and most potent ingredients. Guaranteed.

Our Private Label Program

Private labeling is when you take top quality, time tested and proven formulations and package them with your brand, logo, and label. Minsano offers you a base of many stock formulations you can private label. These formulations have been time tested, refined, and polished to offer the very best quality available.

Most companies require very large initial orders for private labeling but Minsano offers Low Minimums. This allows you to get started with your private vitamin and supplement labeling without being charged a large upfront cost.

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