About Us

Our research focuses on the complex relationships that exist among nutrients and the latest advancements in nutrition therapies to develop and produce some of the most significant products available to Holistic Practitioners.  

While Misano, Based in Boise, Idaho - was founded initially on nutrition, exercise and the benefits of correctly combining both - we gradually became more and more focused on proper nutritional planning. The result of the research and development with this goal in mind has given Minsano a reputation as one of the leading contract manufacturers and private label companies in private label vitamins and supplements

Now with our whole emphasis on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) manufacturing and satisfying all FDA standards we are at the forefront of the industry.

Minsano is privately owned and operated and is a successful leader in the production of private label nutritional supplements and vitamins.

We offer a complete line of supplements, vitamins, herbs, formulas for sports nutrition, powders, liquids and creams.

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