Have a Custom Formula? No Problem!

While we do carry a line of quality in-house products that can be private labeled should you chose to go that route, we also understand that many business owners have their own product formulation plans and ideas and would rather design a completely new and unique formula. We have a dedicated R & D team who work with our in-house chemists to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your potential product. 

Bring your ideas for your new product and let us work with you to make your idea become a reality. Custom products are a great way to attract attention to your brand and build a loyal customer following.

Allow Private Label Supplement to make it yours. Our company strives to create products that are healthy and of the highest quality and unique in the private label market place. We are sure that the product we make for you will meet your expectations in every way as well as exceed the GMP Guidelines set forth by the FDA.

(Let our team, help your team succeed!)

Here is a list of some of our raw materials: 
Raw- ACAI Berry
Raw- ACAI Berry 4:1
Raw- Acetyl L-Carnitine
Raw- Advantra Z
Raw- Aerosil 200 (Price per lb)
Raw- Alanine
Raw- Alfalfa Grass
Raw- Alfalfa Grass Organic
Raw- Allantoin (Sugar Beets)
Raw- Alpha Lipoic Acid
Raw- Amino Butric
Raw- Amylase
Raw- Atlantic Kelp
Raw- Arnica Montana
Raw- Avaeni Sativa
Raw- Ascorbyl Palmitate
Raw- Aspartame
Raw- Bacopa Monnieri 50%
Raw- Bacopa Monnieri 20%
Raw- Banaba 1%
Raw- Barley Grass
Raw- Barley Grass Organic
Raw- Belladonna
Raw- Beta Carotene 1%
Raw- Beta Carotene 10%
Raw- Beta Carotene 20%
Raw- Beta Sitosterol 40%
Raw- Bilberry 25%
Raw- Biotin
Raw- Biotin 1%
Raw- Bitter Melon
Raw- Black Cohosh
Raw- Bladder Wrack Powder
Raw- Blessed Thistle
Raw- Boswellia Serrate
Raw- Boswellic Acid 65%
Raw- Bovine Collagen
Raw- Bromelain 2400 GDU
Raw- Bromelain 2000 GDU
Raw- Bromelain 1200 GDU
Raw- BuckThorn Bark
Raw- Buckwheat
Raw- Caffeine
Raw- Calcium Carbonate
Raw- Calcium Citrate 21%
Raw- Calcium Pyruvate
Raw- Caprylic Triglycerides
Raw- Caralluma
Raw- Carqueja
Raw- Cascara Sagrada Powder
Raw- Catuba
Raw- Cayenne Pepper
Raw- Ceteatyl Alcohol
Raw- Chaste Berry
Raw- Chitosan
Raw- Choline Bitarate
Raw- Chondroitin
Raw- Chromium AAC 2%
Raw- Chromium AAC 5%
Raw- Cinnamon Bark 10:1
Raw- Citric Acid (Price Per lb)
Raw- Citrus Aurantium 4%
Raw- Citrus Aurantium 6%
Raw- Citrus Aurantium 10%
Raw- Citrus Aurantium 30%
Raw- Citrus Aurantium 50%
Raw- CLA 50%
Raw- CLA 60%
Raw- CLA 80%
Raw- Cnidium Powder
Raw- Coccina Indica
Raw- Collegian
Raw- Colustrum 22%
Raw- Colustrum 30%
Raw- Copper AAC
Raw- COQ10
Raw- Coral Calcium Okinawa
Raw- Coral Calcium-Carribean
Raw- Creatine
Raw- Damiana Leaf
Raw- Dandelion Root Powder
Raw- Dextrose (Price per lb)
Raw- DHEA 7 Keto
Raw- DHA
Raw- Diadzein 95%
Raw- Dimethyl Amino Ethanol (DMAE)
Raw- Dodder 5:1
Raw- Dodder 10:1
Raw- Dodder
Raw- Don Quai (Powder)
Raw- Dong Quai Angelica Gigas 1%
Raw- Echinacea 2:1
Raw- Echinacea 4:1
Raw- Echinacea 8:1
Raw- Eleuthero Siberian Root
Raw- Epimedium
Raw- Epimedium 10%
Raw- Epimedium 20%
Raw- Epiimedium 40%
Raw- Fennel Seed
Raw- Fenugreek
Raw- Ferrous Glycine Sulfate
Raw- Flax Seed Powder
Raw- Folic Acid
Raw- Fucoidan (Brown Seaweed)
Raw- Garcinia Cambosia
Raw- Garcinia Cambosia 60%
Raw- Garlic
Raw- Garlic Organic
Raw- Garlic Powder (deodorized)
Raw- Garlic Powder 20:1
Raw- Gelatin
Raw- Genistein 98%
Raw- Ginger Root Powder
Raw- Ginger 4:1
Raw- Gingko Biloba Extract 24%
Raw- Gingko Biloba
Raw- Gingko Biloba 24/6
Raw- Ginseng (American)
Raw- Ginseng (Panax) 6%
Raw- Ginseng (Panax) 80%
Raw- Ginseng (Red Chinese)
Raw- Ginseng (Siberian)
Raw- Glucuronolactone
Raw- Glucosamine
Raw- D-Glucosamine (D)
Raw- Glucosamine HCL
Raw- Glutathionine
Raw- Glycerine
Raw- Glycine FoodGrade
Raw- Gotu Kola Powder
Raw- Gotu Kola 4:1
Raw- Grape Seed 95%
Raw- Green Tea 50%
Raw- Green Tea 90%
Raw- Guggulsterones 6%
Raw- Guggulsterones 10%
Raw- Guggulsterones 95% E&Z
Raw- Gurana 22%
Raw- Gurana 50%
Raw- Gymena Sylvestra 25%
Raw- Hawthorne
Raw- Hoodia
Raw- Hoodia 20:1
Raw- Horsetail 7% (Silica)
Raw- Huckleberry
Raw- Huperzine A 1%
Raw- Hyaluronic Acid 90%
Raw- Hyaluronic Acid1%
Raw- Hydroxyethycellulose
Raw- Hyssop 1:1
Raw- Hyssop 4:1
Raw- Inosine
Raw- Inulin
Raw- Kali Muriaticum
Raw- Kamut Grass
Raw- Kamut Grass Organic
Raw- L-Arginine Base
Raw- L-Arginine HCL
Raw- L-Arginine MonoHCL
Raw- L-Alanine
Raw- L-Carnitine
Raw- L-Carnosine
Raw- L-Cysine
Raw- L-Cysteine (Free Base)
Raw- L-Cysteine HCL
Raw- L-Dopa
Raw- L-Dopa 15%
Raw- L-Dopa 20%
Raw- L-Glutamic Acid
Raw- L-Glutamine
Raw- L-Gluthatione
Raw- L-Glysine
Raw- L-Isoleucine
Raw- L-Leucine
Raw- L-Lysine
Raw- L-Norvalline
Raw- L-Methionine
Raw- L-Ornithine HCL
Raw- L-Proline
Raw- L-Serine
Raw- L-Taurine
Raw- L-Threonine (Chinese)
Raw- L-Threonine (Ajinomoto)
Raw- L-Tyrosine
Raw- L-Valine
Raw- Lecithin Powder
Raw- Licorice Root
Raw- Licorice 1:1
Raw- Licorice 20%
Raw- Licorice 26%
Raw- Lipase
Raw- Long Jack Powder
Raw- Lutein 5%
Raw- Lycopene 5%
Raw- Maca Root
Raw- MagCitrate
Raw- Magnesium Carbonate
Raw- MagSterate
Raw- Maltose
Raw- Melatonin
Raw- Milk Thistle
Raw- Mothers Wort
Raw- MSM
Raw- Muira Puama
Raw- Omega 3 Fish Oil 18% epa 12% dha 190kg Drum
Raw- Omega 3 Fish Oil 18% epa 12% dha 18 kg Pail
Raw- Omega 6
Raw- Oyster Shell Cal
Raw- PancZyme
Raw- Papain 2000
Raw- Passion Flower
Raw- Peppermint Essential Oil
Raw- Phenoxyethanol
Raw- Phenylalanine DL
Raw- Phenylalanine L
Raw- Phosphatidyl Choline 40%
Raw- Phytostereols-2.5 gugul
Raw- Pituiroi Powder
Raw- Pituitary (Anterior) PWD
Raw- Poke 2:1
Raw- Policosinol 10%
Raw- Potassium Pyruvate
Raw- Potato Protein Extract
Raw- Pregnanlone 1Kilo
Raw- Pregnanlone 2Kilo
Raw- Pregnanlone 5Kilo
Raw- Progesterone
Raw- Propolis 1:1
Raw- Propolis 60%
Raw- Protease
Raw- Prunus Arborea
Raw- Psyllium Husk Powder
Raw- Pumpkin Seed Powder
Raw- Pumpkin Seed Powder 4:1
Raw- Pumpkin Seed Powder 10:1
Raw- Pygeum Bark Powder
Raw- Pygeum Herb Powder 6%
Raw- Pygeum Herb Powder 12%
Raw- Quebracho Powder
Raw- Quercertin
Raw- Red Clover 18%
Raw- Red Root 2:1
Raw- Resveratrol 15%
Raw- Resveratrol 20%
Raw- Resveratrol 25%
Raw- Resveratrol 30%
Raw- Resveratrol 40%
Raw- Resveratrol 50%
Raw- Resveratrol 80%
Raw- Rhodiola Rosea 3%
Raw- Rhodiola Rosea 1%
Raw- Ribose
Raw- Royal Jelly
Raw- Rutin
Raw- Safflower Oil
Raw- Saw Palmetto
Raw- Saw Palmetto 50% 
Raw- Saw Palmetto 85%
Raw- Selenium Yeast
Raw- Selenium MethylSelenocysteine
Raw- Senna Leaf
Raw- Shark Cartilage
Raw- Sodium Benzoate
Raw- Soy Isoflavone 10%
Raw- Soy Isoflavone 40%
Raw- St.JohnWort
Raw- Stinging Nettles
Raw- Sucralose
Raw- Sucrose 1000 kg min)
Raw- Swedish Flower Pollen
Raw- Trans Retinoic Acid
Raw- Tribulis Terrestris
Raw- Tribulis Terrestris 20%
Raw- Tribulis Terrestris 40%
Raw- Tumeric
Raw- Tumeric 95%
Raw- Uva Ursi
Raw- Uva Ursi 4:1
Raw- Valerian Root
Raw- Valerian Root 4:1
Raw- Vinpocetine
Raw- Vitamin A (Palmitate)
Raw- Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine)
Raw- Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin)
Raw- Vitamin B-3 (Niacin)
Raw- Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)
Raw- Vitamin B-5 (D-Cal)
Raw- Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine)
Raw- Vitamin B-9 (Folic Acid)
Raw- Vitamin B-12
Raw- Vitamin B-12 (By 100 Gram)
Raw- Vitamin B-12 1%
Raw- Vitamin C (ascorbic)
Raw- Vitamin D
Raw- Vitamin D3
Raw- VitaminE D-Alph 1210iu
Raw- VitaminE 96%
Raw- VitaminENatural D-Alpha
Raw- Vitamin K2 MK 4-1%
Raw- Witch Hazel
Raw- Wheat Grass
Raw- Wheat Grass Organic
Raw- Whey
Raw- White Kidney Bean 201
Raw- White Willow 15%
Raw- White Willow 25%
Raw- Wild Indigo 2:1
Raw- Xanthan Gum
Raw- X-anthopermelia
Raw- Yam 4:1
Raw- Yam 6%
Raw- Yam 10%
Raw- Yam 16%
Raw- Yam (Mexican Wild)
Raw- Yerba Mate
Raw- Yohimbe
Raw- Zeaxanthin
Raw- Zinc AAC
Raw- Zinc Gluconate