Immune Aid Capsules

Private Label Immune System aid with Colostrum is Mother Nature's first and possibly the most necessary food.

Colostrum is Mother Nature's first and possibly the most necessary food. It is likely that colostrum was the very first nourishment you received after being born. Colostrum is an enriched balance of powerful antibodies, proteins, antioxidants, immunoglobulins, growth factors, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and essential vitamins specially designed to ensure the survival of the newborn.

This enriched fluid is produced by the mother's mammary glands during the first 24-48 hours after birth. Colostrum's nutritional factors are astounding, and are only possible from nature. Colostrum from dairy cows is not species-specific, and is a great human dietary supplement. Several factors exist in colostrum that work to supercharge the functioning of our immune and digestive systems. After the young and fast growing years it takes longer to fight the myriad of illnesses that come upon us. There is a feeling of reduced energy, new aches and pains, and most people show the effects of `getting older'. But there are a few individuals that look ten to twenty years younger than their age.

Colostrum has been shown to provide a boost to the immune system and to provide our bodies with other important factors for maintaining a more youthful appearance Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen, an important structural component of blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, and bone. Vitamin C also plays an important role in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter , norepinephrine. Neurotransmitters are critical to brain function and are known to affect mood. In addition, vitamin C is required for the synthesis of carnitine a small molecule that is essential for the transport of fat to cellular organelles, for conversion to energy. Recent research also suggests that vitamin C is involved in the metabolism of cholesterol to bile acids, which may have implications for blood cholesterol levels and the incidence of gallstones Echinacea, the purple coneflower, is the best known and researched herb for stimulating the immune system.

Thousands of Europeans and Americans use echinacea preparations against colds and flu, minor infections, and a host of other major and minor ailments. This native American herb has an impressive record of laboratory and clinical research. Thousands of doctors currently use echinacea for treating infectious diseases. Golden Seal contains calcium, iron, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin C Vitamin E B-complex, and other nutrients and minerals. Considered to be a broad-spectrum herb, Golden Seal is extremely popular and very much in demand.

Special Note

We offer Immune Aid Capsules as a Private Label Supplement, available to create your own personal and unique brand name, logo and packaging. We can also assist you in creating unique labels and packaging for Immune Aid Capsules. Our Private Label Vitamins and Supplements are manufactured according to the latest FDA specified cGMP standards.

Supplemental Facts
Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 500 MG 833%
Colostrum (30% lgG) - *
Echinacea purpurea (whole herb) - *
Golden Seal - *
Echinacea purpurea (whole herb) - *
Golden Seal - *
Other ingredients: Gelatin, Calcium Carbonate, Mag - *

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